• Steve Sitkowski and PTI

  • Posted on April 26, 2017
  • Steven Sitkowski decided to establish Pro Trader Institute (PTI) as a response to what he saw as an increasing level of opportunism on the part of slick financial salespeople, who seemed to want little more than to separate their clients from their money. The continued mission of PTI is to show clients the best ways for investors to recognize the best opportunities, in order to make trades that both increase wealth and also fit into their overall strategy, including their business objectives and goals for growth. At the same time, PTI members learn to avoid any unnecessary risk.

    PTI and Steve Sitkowski together have been able to provide millions of members and others with all of the education, tools and support they need to know how to navigate the financial system and to grow a solid financial future. By showing people how to control their investments, PTI helps everyone gain the confidence to make the best possible investment decisions. That is the very definition of empowerment.

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